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Essays & Commentary


Resistance to Empire, Erasure, and Selling Out

“.... Anne Keala Kelly, the filmmaker who produced Noho Hewa, starts off the anthology with a portrait of two houseless Hawaiian women activists, Marie Beltran and Annie Pau.”


(Published by Duke University Press)




"The cultural imperialism of Disney mirrors the military imperialism of the United States and the other industries it uses to erase our indigenous belonging: tourism and real estate."

(Op-Ed published by Honolulu Civil Beat)


How to Steal a Nation--Twice

"Although it’s funded by the state, when the legality of Na‘i Aupuni was challenged recently in a federal court, the judge held that it’s a private election. But why push this now, after failed attempts during the past 15 years to pass Na‘i Aupuni’s predecessor, the Akaka Bill?"

(Op-Ed published by the Honolulu-Star Advertiser, November 8, 2015)

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